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Google Ads for Clinics

Clinic Marketing Agency’s Google Ads management service harnesses the power of AI to revolutionise how your clinic reaches potential patients.


SEO for Clinics

Clinic Marketing Agency’s SEO services for clinics improve visibility and attract more targeted traffic to your site, converting visitors into patients.


Website Development

At Clinic Marketing Agency, we specialise in Website Development for Clinics and doctors. Our approach is rooted in leveraging advanced AI technologies.

Testimonials 🤝

“I highly recommend Clinic Marketing AI’s services as a Google Ads manager. Since partnering with them, I’ve seen a remarkable increase in the number of private patients for my practice, growing consistently every day. Their expertise in targeted advertising and audience engagement has been a game-changer for my business. A heartfelt thank you for their exceptional work and the tangible results it has brought!”


“Angelo stands out as a remarkable professional, blending innovative thinking with exceptional execution skills. His management of Unmind’s lead generation across its practitioner network is a testament to his global operational excellence. Navigating multiple countries and legal frameworks with remarkable ease, he has proven his exceptional capability in international settings.”


“Since our partnership began in 2016, Clinic Marketing AI’s expertise in Google Ads and SEO management has been invaluable to my business. Their adeptness in creating targeted ad campaigns and optimizing our website for search engines has consistently driven new patient traffic to our clinic. Over these years, their strategies have not only increased our online visibility but also played a critical role in the steady growth of our patient base.”


Welcome to Clinic Marketing AI 🌟

I am Angelo Rosati, Clinic Marketing AI’s CEO. My experience spans 15 years as a digital marketing manager for prominent companies, but it was my collaboration with Frankie Health and Unmind, global leading workplace wellbeing platforms, that ignited my passion for health tech. This venture reshaped my path, leading me to where I am today – at the intersection of healthcare, marketing, and artificial intelligence.

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